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Apparel & accessories

The Ai-Riders collection of kids' clothing and accessories is designed to bring color and comfort to your kids' outings, from school to leisure time. Each item is made from quality materials designed to live every moment in total comfort. Sweatshirts with glasses built into the hood and matching pants are ideal for the most comfortable and sporty looks. There is no shortage of matching accessories: chrome lensesand soft sherpa hats will know how to give your kids' looks an extra touch.

  1. CHF 0.00 - CHF 99.99 2item
  2. CHF 100.00 - CHF 199.99 8item
  3. CHF 300.00 - CHF 399.99 1 item
  4. CHF 400.00 and above 1 item
CHF 458.00
Navy Blue +3 colors
CHF 116.00
Navy Blue +2 colors
CHF 145.00
Acid Green +2 colors
Unisex Sweatshirt with Print on Back Unisex Navy Blue AI Riders
CHF 190.00
Navy Blue +3 colors
CHF 61.00
CHF 179.00
Dark Brown +1 color
CHF 129.00
Navy Blue +3 colors
CHF 10.00
Padded Aviator Hat Kids Beige AI Riders
CHF 129.00
Beige +6 colors