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The new Ai-Riders Fall Winter 23 collection also winks at adults. In addition to the kids' collection, discover the entire line of men's Ai-Riders jackets and down jackets. Perfect for the colder seasons, Ai-riders down jackets are ideal for tackling everyday life with the brand's unique and inimitable style. The iconic hood with glasses incorporated into the hood remains the must-have feature of the collection. From long down jackets to short models, made with cutting-edge materials that will last. Water repellent and performance perfect for the most adverse weather conditions. Choose the right model for you and create coordinated looks with your kids.

  1. CHF 300.00 - CHF 399.99 2item
  2. CHF 400.00 - CHF 499.99 2item
  3. CHF 500.00 and above 3item