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Young Riders

Check out all the new styles in the Fall Winter 2023 Ai-Riders kids' apparel collection. From jackets with glasses to sleeveless, colorful, hooded down jackets. There is no shortage of sweatshirts and dungarees, made to create total outfits to coordinate with your favorite down jackets. Ai-riders down jackets are made with real down or primaloft padding, both materials are able to give warmth and comfort in every occasion. All models are finished on the outside with quality materials, pom-poms and colorful stitching. The collection is characterized by bright and vivid contrasts for unique and never ordinary looks. Orange and acid green contrast with neutral hues such as beige and dark brown. Plus there is no shortage of models in Sherpa fabric, warm and soft to the touch, and iconic accessories such as glasses and padded caps. Check out all the new models and color your moments with Ai-Riders!

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